A head of development from TaqTik medical tourism contacted us to create a streamlined, and accessible responsive website User Interface aimed at those in the Americas looking to have necessary medical treatments such as cancer surgery as well as cosmetic medical treatments abroad; the latest trend.

When approaching this development, we knew  this would remain in Beta as a pure UI/UX draft to be revised upon approvals. This site was a proof of concept interaction between the medical centers, and executives in both America, and Thailand to vet their business model before global launch.

Bay Multimedia was able to implement all features needed for the proof of concept working with the company’s American based creative director and marketing head.

Since this time, the company has expanded and the site had gone through multiple revisions. The company remains a viable option for those looking to engage in both medical treatments, surgery and cosmetic medical tourism. We are proud to have played our part in it’s development in the company it is today.