Client Archive: Infinium Medical : Branding, Product Photography, Logo Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Consulting

Infinium Medical is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of patient [...]

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Client Archive : OMT Machine Sales : Online Sales Development, Branding, Logo Design, Web Development, Marketing

OMT machine sales is a reseller internationally for direct from lease heavy [...]

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Client Archive: John B. Gorrie foundation : Logo & Branding Design, Web Design, Portrait Photography, Content Photography, Copywriting

A foundation focused on raising funds  to help enrich the experience and education [...]

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Client Archive: TaqTik Health : UI / UX design, Proof Of Concept Business Development Consulting, Graphic Design, Logo Design

A head of development from TaqTik medical tourism contacted us to create a [...]

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Client Archive : Business Guild of Seminole Heights : Consulting, Marketing, Branding, Web Development

Business Guild of Seminole Heights is an independent business membership based association set [...]

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